Stand Up Paddle

We run lessons that will help fast track your SUP experience.

In our Flat Water SUP lesson we will teach you the basics, including:

  • Carrying your board
  • Basics paddle strokes
  • Positioning
  • Standing up
  • Core balance posture position
  • Stance
  • Advanced Starting techniques
  • Turning

Price per hour per person 20€*, minimum lesson time is 2 hours.

Pack low cost:

For you who want to stay paddling with us for a long time, for only 15€* per hour buy our pack of 10 hours --- 150€* of fun paddling pack.

Optional Fun ride - Around the island:

In Cacela Velha, considered one of the best beaches in the world, came with us for a beautiful ride during approximately 3 hours with instructor. Half flat water, half ocean (depending ocean conditions).
60€* per person (includes life jacket, paddle and board with leash).

- The gear rental conditions and prices are the same as the stages/packs.

- *Vat at legal tax included.

- *We don't refund the money paid.