Learn Kitesurf in stages.

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    First Stage

    3 hours / 95€*
  • The First Stage consists of a theoretical and a practical component. The student learns to examine the spot, all the safety rules, learn and keep all the material and completely dominate the kite on land.
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    Second Stage

    3 hours / 95€*
  • The Second Stage will be mostly in the water where the student will learn techniques such as "bodydrag" directed, and slide "Downwind," among others.
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    Third Stage

    3 hours / 95€*
  • The Third Stage the student learns to master the whole kite and board starting the navigation in order to luff.
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    Pack Three Stages

    9 hours / 270€*
  • The Pack Three Stages covers the first stage, the second stage and the third stage.

Low Cost learning options.

  • Baptism

    1 hour / 10€*
  • Small, theoretical approach, handle a kite adjusted to the wind conditions, with the constant presence of the instructor, this module is made only in the sand (minimum 4 persons).
  • Experience

    2 hours / 75€*
  • Small, theoretical approach, handle a kite, attended the instructor in the sand, kite adjusted for wind conditions, including if possible, one or more trips to the water, in body drag mode, attended the instructor constant in the water.
  • Pack 18 hours

    18 hours / 360€*
  • The Pack 18 hours with a special price of 20€* hour (per person). Includes all you get in the Pack Three Stages and doubles your knowledge, essential for a sustainable learning and for a great improve of your kite confidence, crucial for better sailing skills.
  • Kiting Skills Development

    1 hours / 30€*
  • For you already passed the 18 hours learning with us we provide you for 30€* per hour, all the stuff that you need to navigate.

Lesson Price: 40€ hour

*Vat at legal tax included.

*We don't refund the money paid.